Enhance Your Stem Cells Naturally With Botanical Food Supplements!

Adult stem cells are part own renewal and maintenance process. Every part of our body renews itself on a regular basis, so poor diet and environmental hazards, can have a direct impact on the quality of our health at a cellular level. More adult stem cells means improving your bodies ability to repair itself more efficiently. Damaged tissues circulate ‘messenger cells’ to the bone marrow, calling for new stem cells which are the building blocks for tissue repair and replacement. Stemtech food supplements have been carefully researched, and documented to enhance the release of adult stem cells, about an hour after consumption of just one capsule; increasing stem cell release by an average 25-30%.  This phenomina has also been confirmed by an independent group of researchers at the Veterans Hospital, in Tampa, Florida.  You’ll find all the reports in the ‘research’ pages.

About Adult Stem Cells


Everyone Benefits From More Naturally Created Stem Cells

Unlike embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells born in our bone marrow, are an essential part of our repair system, playing a crucial role in maintenance throughout our lives.

Aging, stress, pollution and poor diet can break down cells leading to disease at a cellular then tissue level. Adult stem cells are our natural maintenance system, they can become any type of cell, replacing those that are damaged.

Bone Marrow stem cells, widely researched and documented to effect repair all around our bodies, improve our ability to maintain optimal health.

Designed as a complementary range for humans or animals, and created from concentrated natural ingredients, when combined, they provide maximum results on a daily basis, within the balance of our natural physiology.

Don’t be fooled by imitators, this is an entirely new supplement category created by the pioneers, and the only company with a complete product range. Research has even been conducted into the effects of StemEnhance on cancer to calm concerns; (see ‘safety’ research report).

Potential uses of stem cells

  • Independent research validates enhanced stem cell release from consumption of these quality controlled products
  • Just natural ingredients in a food supplement or skin serum, no drugs, no stem cells in them
  • You cannot ‘run out’ of your own bone marrow
  • Buy the same quality product flavoured apple and molasses for horses, liver for pets
  • Not available in the shops, buy here from your authorised distributor

Lets See What Some Customers Have To Say?

My active participation in soccer brought severe discomfort and extreme inflammation and I was told that it wouldn’t get better without a major medical treatment. After finding out about Stemtech and taking StemEnhance twice a day, I am back playing soccer even better than before and with ease! I am so very grateful for this Stemtech product, each and every day!
Marco A,. Mx

Our horse, Jesse is currently on StemEquine. He was blinded in the left eye about 5 years ago. His eye has improved and he can see again! He’s been on it for two months. We plan to keep him on it see how completed his recovery can be.
Cindy O,.WS

As an Appearance Medicine Nurse I had been actively seeking an organic serum for my clinic, it had to be cutting edge, value for money and most importantly it had to work. I am extremely impressed with the outstanding results I am achieving personally and clinically with Dermastem, the most incredible renewal & anti-aging serum on the planet!
Carol F,.Hamilton NZ

Who Are We?
Adult-stemcell-tech is an independent distributor for Stemtech Health Sciences Inc, we supply the full range of food and skin care products, and we aim to inform you about adult stem cells, how they support your health, and their effect on aging 
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