StemPet® Stem Cell Enhancing Food Supplement

The result of many years of stem cell research, this is a superfood food supplement which can replace adult stem cell therapy in animals.  Consisting of a unique blend of patented organic AFA based concentrates, proven to increase the release of an animals own bone marrow adult stem cells, optimising by an increase of about 25% an hour after consumption. Crucially this blend extends this level of activity by more than an hour. Independent testimonials inform us pet arthritis, and other chronic ‘unfixable’ health problems are improved, as well as generally enhancing tissue repair, improving recovery time after surgery, and reducing scarring.

Other botanic ingredients help protect against cancer growth, you’ll find a research study covering cancer growth in the ‘science and research’ section of this site.  Also many testimonials from happy pet and horse owners.

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Adult stem cells arising from the bone marrow are carried in blood, throughout the animals body, contributing to tissue repair and renewal. (As we age, our body replaces all organs, even bone over a cycle of 10 years or so).

The idea of creating an all-natural adult stem cell enhancer for animals was first conceived by stem cell enhancer product consumers within the Equine community. This ingenious group of horse enthusiasts enjoyed the benefits of the product for themselves, so much so, they began feeding it to their horses. The results were amazing! this is so much better for animals than surgical intervention, it’s more economical, and it’s a proven success!.

The good news spread very quickly.  Company Scientists responded to the positive feedback, by creating a specially formulated equine stem cell enhancer product which has now been formulated for our pets to using patented AFA concentrate in the shape of easy to use granules, and flavoured in ‘liver’ for our carnivorous friends.

Advanced Formula is a natural stem cell enhancer for dogs and other house pets. It’s an especially formulated pet equivalent of the patented stem cell enhancer (AFA Concentrate) for humans, available in tasty chewable tablets flavoured liver like treats. This high quality nutritional supplements has been designed to meet the needs of dogs and other house pets. Scientific studies have shown that increasing the number of circulating adult stem cells in the body is an important aspect maintaining optimal health.

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